Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Drip drip Drip

It's January Thaw. One of my favorite times of the year. The snow bunny? Remember her? It snowed so much from that post that she was covered up. Completely disappeared without even a bump to show where she had been. Now it is all melting away.
I finished my first project of 2010! I cast these socks on New Years Eve and they are now done. The green is so much richer and prettier than shows in the photo taken inside at night. MmHmm. Here is to finishing knits in 2010 instead of just starting them. Oh, right, yarn is Jitterbug color Velvet Leaf and pattern is ribbed socks from my head.

Last night I went to my last Christmas party so it seems time to show what I gave this year.

Ice Scraper Cozies. I knit three all different but I only thought to take a photo of one.
This one has a stag horn cable running down it front and back. I've thought to write up the pattern since there isn't a pattern out there for long handled ice scraper cozies. But then again it's such a simple knit that even a new knitter could make it up. That could be why there are no patterns out there.I handed out the yearly kids sweaters too. I finished 3 of the 4. The newborn's sweater is in time out. Good thing I'm making the 12 month size. Maybe. That's why it's in time out. Of the 3 I only thought to take one photo. They will get their own post once I collect photos of the other 2.

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