Friday, January 29, 2010

If Everone Had to Work Customer Service...

...the world would be a nicer place.

I just finished my second week of my temp job doing customer service. I get to spend my days in a loud room trying to hear what a person is saying on the phone. The whole day I live with low levels of terror that I'm going to enter some information wrong because I can't hear it, this, of course, does nothing for my speed or my accuracy.

I've pretty much given up on my not saying anything wrong. NiceDude, sorry, it turns out your account is not ok but I didn't see the tiny red type down in the very bottom of the screen until you hung up and I can't call you back. I hope your son isn't pulled over. I was trying to help.

But during the down times I can knit.

Between being sassed, yelled at, strait out lied too, hung up on, and feeling bad about making mistakes with the nice people I've done this
Three work days of knitting is one sock and a cuff, pattern from my head, yarn is schoeller stall Fortissima Colori a blast from the past Mexiko Color.

The worst thing, this is not even close to the worse job I've had. That would either be selling shoes or the summer I spent scrubbing bathrooms while dodging the maintenance men trying to grab a feel in the mop closest. I won't decide which of those two jobs was the worst since thinking about them and comparing them isn’t good for my self-esteem.

Here, look at some yarn

Random stash photo but it sort of makes it all better, doesn't it.

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