Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I'm giving a raspberry to this week.

First, I had/have the second worst stomach flu of my life. It doesn't beat out the bug that hit me in the mid 80s but it stomped all the ones in between.

Then while still down with the flu I drug myself to a job interview. I got the job. Small yay. It's a temp job so it's sufficiently unpleasant. It started today.

Iron Knitters that I signed up for just before Christmas starts tomorrow. Now I'll have very little time to knit and expect to get beaten out on the first round. Iron knitter is just made for the unemployed (or people taking vacation days).

And today it's been announced that instead of just being the speed knitting event that I signed up for it is now trivia and treasure hunt style.

None of this is bad news and much of it is good news, you know, like having a job again and since trivia answers have to given my working may not be a handicap to finishing in time, but I'm disgruntled and out of sorts by the whole thing. It's probably the flu.

Sumi-e is disgruntled too.

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JK_in_KC said...

Feel better, Sherry. Missed you at Sit and Knit yesterday. Congrats on getting a job, even temp. You know how temp things can be extended.