Thursday, August 08, 2013

Harder than it Looks

Nerd Wars

Challenge (Encyclopedia): VOLUME C: CARTOGRAPHY

People have been studying relative positions in geographical space for millennia. From wall paintings to global satellite networks, maps have expanded in scope and technological sophistication, but they remain a way to make sense of and gather knowledge about the physical world around us.

Craft an item inspired by maps.

my submission: 

Team Browncoat
Spinning and Knitting

Whenever I travel I always have 2 things close by, a map and my coffee. My favorite travel mug is not insulated so when I put in hot coffee it burns my hands. I won't stop using it because it's the only one i own that won't leak even if it's upside down in my knitting bag. It’s time to join the two into a useful and exciting cozy. I want a cozy that looks like a map. No. I want a cozy that IS A MAP!

 I started with an Aeronautical Chart of my home state Kansas. I liked the heavy waxy paper. I like that I know all the roads and towns as I start to cut.

Cut it into one long strip. Helper is not helpful.

Spin map into yarn. This is harder than it looks.

Knit a cozy to keep fingers unburnt while driving. Knitting paper is much harder than it looks. Use a piece of Nephrite Jade from a  Arizona as a button. It was a gift from the Hometown Swap.

Team tie in:

Mal is carrying a huge bouquet of the Kansas state flower, the Sunflower. It’s perfect as part of my identity to this place and map.

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