Friday, August 16, 2013

Incorporating Tablet Weaving into Garments.

In other words, weaving on a tablet woven band as a selvage as you go. The class was taught by Master Weaver Inge Dam of Schomberg Ontario.

This is weaving the selvage on after the cloth has been cut off the loom. Each thread is placed individually.

However, we set up the cards as part of our loom so the edge band was woven contiguously and seamlessly with the cloth.  I didn't take a photo but the cards are behind the beater bars. So it's step on a treadle, reach and turn the cards, throw the shuttle, beat twice and repeat. 

Card weaving was predominantly done in Ancient Egypt, Scandinavia, Medieval Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Inga mostly talked about the the work of Iron age Scandinavia. You know, Vikings. The reason I took the class. Here is a site that shows the warp weighted looms they used and some talk about fabric and card weaving. Instead of rocks we weighted the backs of our looms with plastic bottles full of water. 

The class samples showing the eleven embellishing techniques we learned. Velvet, several kinds of beading, brocade, tassels, split work, and a few more. While I spent three long, careful, days at it I haven't been bothered to take photos of my incredibly beginner work.

However Inge's work is a whole new level.

She dyes the yarn and the lining fabric herself. Designs the patterns sews the garments. She said working on it for 8 to 10 hours days, 5 days a week, it takes her three months to finish each piece. I can believe it. In the 21 hours we were in class I barely completed 24 inches of fabric.

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