Sunday, August 04, 2013

Lip Ferret

I'm still playing in Nerd Wars because it gives me a change to feel clever and smug. Things I try to keep to a minimum in real life so I enjoy letting loose with the knitting. The goal is to knit something to the challenge and then link it back to your team .

Challenge (Nerdology): GEEK HOLIDAYS!

Your challenge this round is to create something inspired by or in honour of one of the many Geek Holidays.

So I searched the internet for the silly days like talk like a pirate day, Pi day, stay in your pajama day, no pants day and here is my submission for the challenge:

Team: Browncoat
Craft: Knitting

National fake moustache day in the United States is on 24 February

Kansas City has been said to have the premiere fake moustache club in North America. The Kansas City Fake Mustache Club has over 500 members throughout the world, including KCFMC Chapters in Chicago, Salt Lake City, and Pittsburg, Kansas.

Since I live in Kansas City how could I choose any other geek holiday?

Team tie in:

The Message

We couldn’t even move him. So, uh, Tracey just snipped it right off his face.

And you never seen a man more proud of his mustache than Colonel Orbrin. In all my life I will never love a woman the way this officer loved that lip ferret.

Big walrussy thing, all waxed up…

Did he find out?

Another burst of laughter from Mal and Zoe.

Oh! The next morning, he wakes up, it’s gone, and he is furious, but he can’t just say, you know, “someone stole my mustache.” So he, uh, calls together all the platoons --

We thought he was gonna shoot us --

And, uh, oh, he’s eyeballing all the men something fierce, not a word, and he comes up to Tracey… and Tracey’s wearing the gorram thing on his face.

He had glued it on.

Staring the old man down, wearing his own damn mustache. Huh. Uh. Oh god…

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