Monday, August 12, 2013


I have just mentioned again that 2013 is another year of not buying yarn. That means it's time for a blanket check in.

I stated this blanket in January to distract myself from the blanket I really wanted to knit. The blanket that I would have to buy yarn to knit. Since this blanket wasn't THAT blanket knitting was a bitter and sweet experience.

The bitter part it wasn't the blanket I wanted to be making. There was a little anger toward this one for not being THE blanket. Also, I was using stash yarns and scraps so I was bitter that I didn't have the chance to pick out the exact colors I wanted in the exact yardage this blanket needed. Every time a color ran out early, every time I had to make new plans because it was clear the current plan wasn't going to work, I would throw it down in disgust.

The sweet part was the light bulb moment every time I came up a new plan after I had to abandon the old. The using up of the yarn I already had. Of jamming things together and forcing them to work. Instead of coming up with a blanket like other knitters have knit I have an original piece of folk art. I just love the way it came out.

It didn't stop the obsession with the Ten Stitch blanket. I didn't want to knit the Ten Stitch because I needed a blanket I wanted to knit it because it's perfection in yarn and it had taken hold of my mind.

In April for my birthday I did it. I ordered the yarn. While a blanket worth of Noro is an obscene amount to spend on a blanket, if I take the amount and dive it over the 5 months I had been obsessed with it and the 5 months it would take to knit it... well monthly that comes to less then the cost Netflix so as entertainment value it was down right a bargain. Yeah. That's it. A bargain.  At least I bought the lot of Noro Furisode on clearance.

 10 squoosy balls of love. I'm going to squeeze it, and hug it, and call it George.

 It's so very pretty. A sliver of sunset in yarn form.

Knitting it is everything I thought it would be.

One ball from local dyer Nerd Girl Yarns at the Maker Faire and three skeins of hand dyed sock yarn at Midwest Weaving Conference is the only other yarn I've bought this year.

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