Sunday, February 15, 2015

Cult Classics

I'm getting together with friends weekly to watch movies. We are featuring art movies, iconic, pop culture, and cult classics. The loose criteria is that one of us hasn't seen it before so that it's an educational experiences. Being an adult is great. We don't have a bedtime and get to watch movies and call it educational.

Last weekend I was on my own but stayed on theme. I loaded up Mad Max and did some spinning.

Alpaca/wool blend from Midwest 2013 feature fiber. I spun a nice lofty 2-ply aran weight.

Now that Dresden Files swap is almost over I've joined the Dystopia/Utopia Swap and nothing is more dystopian than Mad Max. Quite the movie from my childhood. Or so I thought.

Turns out I've never seen it before. It's very low budget, very art house, and very very gruesome. I spent the whole movie with knots in my stomach because three minutes in I could tell there was no way it was going to end well. I was right. It didn't end well and in ways I never imagined. It was low budget so not much happens on screen but the off screen suspense and violence was very effective.

The hat I knit from the yarn while watching Pitch Black. The pattern is Citric by Alex Tinsley. Dull Roar Design is a bit of knitting cult classic and she has a way with the hats.

Last night we watched Pitch Black which was billed to us as a horror. Besides one spot were I was grossed out, needles ick, and a surprise jump it wasn't horror scary. However, in looking it up to be sure I had the name right I found it's billed as a low budget cult classic thriller.

It makes me feel better calling it a thriller, but it was so strong in the Sifi trops I had tagged it as one maybe two people making it out alive in the first five minuets. Since, obviously, one was going to be Vin Diesel (the antihero never dies) the rest of the movie watching was waiting to see which trop the director was going to allow to live and making personal bets about the survivor. Not really the right frame of mind to be taken in with suspense.

I wonder about the low budget part of Pitch Black. To me low budget mean Mad Max style- hey lets go rent cameras for a month and hire all our friends as extras so they work for beer- while Pitch Black had known actors and quality cameras and special effects.

Tonight I cast on Fructose, another Dull Roar design in the classic malabrigo Twist. Keeping in the cult classic trend, I watched Leon: The Professional which was absolutely adorable. Bloody extravagant violence and adorable is just so French.

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