Wednesday, February 18, 2015


A HUGE thank you to Maggie in the Dresden Files swap. I received an AWESOME EPIC BOX OF MAGIC GOODNESS.

The kind of EPIC that makes winter come early and it blizzard on Halloween or it be 70 degrees in February like it was here last week. The forces of Summer and Winter are battling it out over the contents of this swap box.

First up, Maggie made me a calendar.

 That’s right! She made this. It’s HUGE. It broke my camera. All I can show you is the little corner or it will break all of the internet and melt your computers. You’re welcome.

Next is the Fuego Cowl. Harry’s favorite spell for blowing up building (even if he said he didn’t blow up that last one we’re all pretty sure he did). It’s firmly knit and I could tell impregnated with magic to stop the coldest winter wind. Well I washed it in running water, destroying the magic and it’s now soft and supple. Oops. But the blocking made it sooooo soft. I love it!

 Harry doesn’t wear hats but I do. This little cabling lace beauty has Thaumaturgy written all over it. Don’t believe me? Look it up. Here. Thaumaturgy (from the Greek words θαῦμα thaûma, meaning “miracle” or “marvel” and ἔργον érgon, meaning “work”) is the capability of a magician or a saint to work magic or miracles Our Maggie worked real magic with this.

A box bag. The outside is Harry’s books the inside Soul Fire! Maggie, didn’t make this. She tried to make one but it came out sort of half baked. I’m secretly glad. It means that’s she real and human. Really really above average, possible a Valkyrie, but not one of the Fae. Whoo. I’m glad. I was a little worried that I was trading away my soul for this swab box. Not that I wouldn’t. You’ll understand once you see what’s coming up next.

 But more of the Box Bag first. She did make the zipper pull. My very own Bob! This is amazing!!!

Inside the bag was the YUMMIES and yes she made the awesome wrappers.

So much epicness in the epic swap box. I maybe need a new word

There are still these parcels to go. I must stop now as I try to find an new word for epic. More to come soon.

Maggie, I’ve said thank you a few times and I LOVE IT once or twice but it doesn’t come close to conveying how wonderful this swap box is and how much it means to me. It’s phenomenal and you’re a dynamite. There aren’t enough words.

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