Friday, February 20, 2015


It’s the final installment of this Thank You Trilogy to the EPIC BOX OF EPICNESS

Maggie seemed incredulous that I wanted a rock. I mean, sure, I was being a little facetious when I said that I would be happy with a box of rocks. Inside duck swap joke from years ago… and also true. Last swap I was in was the geology swap. Most fantastical box of rocks EVER. That box of rocks about made me cry just by opening the first card. I love those rocks so much.

 the sealing wax and twine is brilliant
Maggie didn’t make me cry. Instead it’s a fist pump of victory and epicness.

See, with this rock I can reference “Stars and Stones” because it glitters like the stars in the sky or Demonkeep with the crystals parkour or Fool Moon with the pentagram and the stones.

 Harry draws circles not pentagrams for his magic...

...and this stone would be the fulcrum of power

I would say I saved the best for last, except in the EPIC BOX OF EPICNESS- OMG ITS SO EPIC there is not a best…

 The yarn.

Maggie spun it and Karen dyed it!

Everyone knows Maggie and Karen, right? Right!?! Knit 1 Geek 2 podcast? They’re Rock Stars, those two. OMG Maggie and Karen!!! Karen and Maggie!!!

 I started knitting it right away and am almost finished with the mittens. The cable on the backs of the hands are the Ley Lines converging under Chicago and they barely made a dent in the first ball! 

We’re always ready for the end of the trilogy but so sad that there isn’t more. Thankfully, Jim Butcher has said he is writing seven more books so we should have fourteen more years to geek out. I hope that means there will be more swaps to come.

Thank you, Maggie, the box is pure magic. Astonishing, Wonderful, Tremendous Magic. I love it all so much. Thank you.

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Tini said...

Omg, I just figured out that Maggie is the knit1geek2 maggie! Your package is beyond awesome