Thursday, February 19, 2015

Epic Swap Box of Epicness

Last time I left you with the EPIC SWAP BOX OF EPICNESS we were here
 It turns out there isn’t a better word than Epic…

A locking journal so I can keep my own diary like Merlin. That’s right The Merlin, the real one, not the puff-up running the White Council at the moment.

This journal has fancy clasps that even though I could see exactly how they worked took an embarrassing longtime to actually open. Something like full 20 seconds. It took some magic words to get it to open but I showed it who’s boss and now can get in with a snap.

 A coffee mug that Maggie designed herself. I’m blown away! It has the ingredients list for the Pick-Me-Up-Potion on it. A full nights sleep in a cup. She also included the base ingredient of Casi Cielo “almost heaven” Coffee. I LOVE THIS MUG SO MUCH! As If I didn’t love every single thing SO MUCH but I squeeeee every time I pick this up.

Perhaps the most personal part of the swap package is this drawing. Yes, Maggie drew it herself. I used to draw before knitting hijacked my brain 14 years ago and now all I can think about it yarn, so I know this isn’t a little doodle, this, this right here, this is some serious time and effort. I’m going to frame it and put it on my bookshelf with the books.

The Chlorofiend is one of my favorite moments. Walmart…. Chainsaw…. and Murph “Put on the BOOTS” The boots for kicking some monster ass. Oh, yes. In 15 books that could very well be the best moment. And what do you do after you kick monster ass in a walmart? You go eat pizza. I love these books SO MUCH!

And do you know who else loves these books SO MUCH? Dresden Files Fan Filming! That’s who.
See there is this group of fans that make YouTube Movies. Because you are not really a fan until you have made a movie trailer to your favorite book. IT'S AWESOME. LOAD IT UP NOW!

 And that is an autographed photo of Matt that plays Harry!!!

So, here, Matt is dating Gilly of Knit Princess and Gilly is going to be here in KC for Planet Comicon so that means when I go to meet Gilly then I will have a chance of meeting Matt too? Maybe. I haven’t checked facebook in a million years so these things slip by me. But it’s all just so cool.
Also in the photo is the Shield stitch markers so my knitting will be well protected from evil.

 More candy. Of course, Maggie, made the labels. She’s Kick-Ass that way.

There is still a box to go. I had planned on finishing off the thank you in this post but I got sucked in watching Matt on YouTube.

Maggie, you’re amazing!

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