Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Senior Show

I've been quiet lately. It's been extra rough, with more than the average amount of unpleasantness this spring but I don't want to talk about it and you for sure don't want to hear about it. However, writing posts that are all sugar and cream feels false so I have kept away.
But many fantastic things have happened too and they need their time.

My Senior Show* was well attended and I had many friends come to wish me well. That means so much to me. My knitting friends brought me flowers. Aren't they spectacular?

While the flowers were already so much more than I was expecting I also received cards and a gift card to my LYS. With it I bought my first Noro. I love it. While showcasing gifts lets move back in time to my Birthday. I got a coat worth of yarn and a wheat free baking cookbook. All much appreciated. Thank You all. You mean so much to me.

*Senior Show should mean that I am all graduated with a degree and everything. But the school computer blocked me so I can't log on and check my grades and my degree still hasn't come in the mail...hmmmm.....

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needlefingers said...


Don't get too concerned about not receiving your diploma yet. VU hasn't even started posting degree lines on the transcripts. The diplomas won't get mailed for months.

I recommend calling the college. Everybody calls us about everything, so I'm sure your school is used to it, too. :)