Thursday, June 18, 2009

Elizabeth Came to Tea

I was at the library and there on the shelf right with the knitting books was this DVD set. Yes, that is Elizabeth Zimmermann herself. In celebration of finally getting to invite her into my living room for tea I abandoned the cabled baby sweater and started an EPS sweater. I cast on thinking it would be a ski sweater but waffle and it maybe a Cousin Nalgar. I won't have to choose until I reach the chest. I have it listed as a Nalgar on Ravelry so we will see.

It's being knit out of Briggs and Little wool. I love that wool. So crunchy and rustic and it knits up fast. Because it's a strong wool and not baby soft I am knitting an oversized sweater to keep me warn next winter over many layers of clothes. I am taken with the way the heathered yarn in sage green moves from silver to black and back to silver again. I also enjoy how this yarn wears a grove in my finger after only a few hours of knitting.

Project #13 is finished. A nice set of plain ribbed socks. More yarn I dyed at KAWS. I am very pleased with how they came out. Everything from the bright mottled colors to the way the thick yarn (Henry's Attic Kona) holds a strong rib and so fast to knit.

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