Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mopping up the knitting mess

Last semester was a little rough and the week built in intensity until it cumulated Thursday night at 10pm when I was released for my weekend. When I got home late Thursday night I had a problem unwinding enough to sleep. As in I did not sleep on Thursday nights. Instead I turned on the TV and while Scrubs played in the background I cast on a new project. With Joey beside me in the chair I knitted until I was calm enough to sleep. Some days that was as the sun came up. Those projects got a little more knitting time Saturday night when I watched Legend of the Seeker and then CSI Miami, and again Sunday morning while I listened to This American Life. After that my week was in full force again and the project got tossed into a basket.

This basket.

Yes, these are the projects all started on a Thursday night with little thought of gauge, needles, wear ability, or anything. I just needed to knit to calm my mind and to make me tired. Or rather to make me sleepy since I was always exhausted.

I decided it was time to tackle the basket when I found I couldn't start any new projects from the lack of free needles.

This pile is just fine and the ones that are almost done. I can get these needles back with just some concentrated effort. Also they are the needles I want most. So this is the pile I need to be picking my summer knitting from.

This pile has problems. I ran out of yarn, I no longer like the project, or something is horibly wrong.Better. I now have some #3 neeldes again and my sock needles too. And some unhappy projects are once again happy yarn.

The problem pile now looks like this. 3 knits are worth saving and just need mistakes ripped out and fixed. Much better and the basket is now 5 projects lighter. I forgot to count how many are in there. It's better not to know.

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needlefingers said...

Wowza! That's a lot of Thursdays.