Monday, June 29, 2009

A Little Note to Myself

Whenever I go to the weaving conference I always forget three things.

1. Bathrobe: it's because I don't own one, but I need one to walk to the dorm showers. Getting back into denim while damp is very distressing. Points if it's handwoven. Extra points if the yarn is hand spun.

2. Clock: the stress of over sleeping and missing my class has me at the mess hall at 5:45am. It doesn't open until 7:15.

4. Fan: luckily I didn't need it this time although there was a scare. Then it occurred to me that every fan I own was bought around midnight at a drugstore while at the weaving convention. Next time just bring the fan.

About the AC scare, when we moved into the dorms it wasn't working. It was fixed but it was much too much. My locked thermostat was set to 50F and my room was 65F the whole 5 days. I don't believe that cold makes people sick but a constantly running AC unit might. I am not doing so great today.

It appears that I am not too bright. After suffering for 2 days the woman across the hall told me she had stuffed her dirty laundry and all her shopping into the vents. That helped a whole bunch when I did it too.

My bed had real wool blankets. I seem to be the only person that thinks real wool blankets provided by a dorm is cool, even at a weaving and spinning convention.

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