Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Team All Spun Up

ok, ok, because I saw Needlefingers on Team All Spun Up I just joined that one too. Silly me, I set different goals for that one instead of just restating my Team Hopelessly Overcommitted goal. Truly overcominting myself. But those goals had no finish just a start and I felt like it was important that the Team All Spun Up goal need to be, well all spun up at the end.

Goals for Team Hopelessly Overcommitted:
silk for a handwoven scarf
cotton for a bath towel
silk for a knitted lace shawl

Team All Spun Up
I have 5 bobbins and right now on each bobbin is a different fiber/project. My goal is get as many of the 5 all spun up so I can have my bobbins back. It’s making plying impossible.

An unstated goal is to spin a sweaters worth of yarn too. But that falls under such an extreme level of warping space and time that I am embarrassed to say in a public thread that I am thinking of doing that too. So instead I will say it here on my public blog.

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needlefingers said...

Cool, we're team mates! And if you want to join any more, I'm also on Rookies (for the first year spinning in the Tour), StashBusters, Team JulieSpins, Team Christi/Christy/Kristie (okay, so you probably wouldn't join that one), and I'm thinking on joining Team Spindlers, because we may be out of town a couple of days.

Did I mention I'm also doing two master's classes this summer?

Hmm, maybe I ought to join you on Hopelessly Overcommitted.