Friday, February 04, 2011

Fangirl February

New month with a new cutesy name. And what does every cutesy named blog need? A fangirl!

I'm going to geek out and maybe even squee a little this month although I may be too old and too solidly midwestern reserved to *glomps*. Unless it's a bunny rabbit. I luv to snoogles a soft fuzzy wuzzy bunny rabbit...Ah, wait, where was I? Right... Fangirl knitting.

My only caveat is I have to knit from my stash. I know how I am. I would go to every LYS, browse all sites and order 6 different yarns in magenta just so I could have the right match. Then I'm left with 5 colors of magenta and I don't even like magenta. So knit from the stash.

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Lupie said...

That is my plan for this year but I know it was going to be hard when a LYS sent an email telling me they were closing! I have not gone yet and they close Feb.11. Hope I make it.