Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Jumping Out

Jump in with January is over. I finished one thing for next Christmas. One kids sweater.
I did better on my 12 pairs of socks. Two of them are this years Christmas but I have evil thoughts about squirreling them away for next.
I like how holding two sock yarns together blend the colors. I also like I only have to cast on 44 to 48 stitches to make Men's sized socks.
I don't at all like how being off by 4 stitches can make the sock go from fitting around my Dad's 10 inch foot to My brothers much much bigger foot. Even so, I'll be knitting more double stranded socks.

I also finished one of the 6 socks for work.
The yarn is Knit Picks the pattern Mock Cable Lacy Toe Up Socks except that I knit them top down. I frogged them at work and started them over from memory getting some of the details wrong, like forgetting to mirror the pattern.
A nice match for my favorite shirt.

Finally, I finished a scarf. 2 rows alternating of Noro and purple hand spun.

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Lupie said...

Great socks and scarf. I made one of those Noro scarves for my husband and he loves it.