Sunday, February 27, 2011

Donna's Scarf

The knitting part is finished because I've run out of yarn. It's not as long as it's supposed to be but once I add the tassels it will be plenty long for actually wearing.
The holding the yarn double worked well for adding the texture.

Yarn Cascade 220 Sport 6 balls (and I really wish I had 7 or even 8 for a longer scarf and more tassels)

Gauge 3 spi
I’m using a size 6 needle but I knit loosely. Most would need a size 9 at least.

With yarn held double through out
Cast on 31
k1 p1 rib, slipping first stitch of each row.

knit until scarf is long enough to wrap around neck once and still reach to the knees. Add tassels with large knots.

Save at least one skein of yarn for tassels. Tassels should be long enough to reach from knees to top of boots. 7 to 8 inches on me and I'm shortish. Even better, make the tassels first then knit until the yarn runs out.

I also knit the hat Rose is wearing the last time the Doctor see her on New Years Eve and the last time we get to see him, David Tennant, as Doctor.
Sockhead Hat, the same one I knit before. It still kills my hands. I still can't stop making them. When I saw Rose in it I sat strait up in my chair and, of course, I had that shade of purple in the stash. Really, it's the hat being in the show rather than the show having the hat that made me knit this one. I'm such a fan of the Sockhead Hat I'm casting on another one. Once I can feel my fingers again.

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