Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dr Donna

So part of work is that I received 2 Amazon gift cards.
It's probably not surprising that I spent one of them on Dr Who DVDs. I'm saving the other one... for Dr Who DVDs.

So of course for Fangirl February I must knit some Dr Who knitting! This project is just falling into place. My favorite companion is Donna. With Donna at his side 10 finally gets some depth. This season is deeper, funnier, sweeter than the others and my favorite. I'm only a little bitter of the way Donna is written out. Ok, maybe a lot bitter. The problem is Donna doesn't wear knits...

Oh boy was I wrong. As soon as I pull out the season to look again, on the very first disk, at the most opportune time she is swathed from head to toe in knits. A sweater coat that is to die for, my favorite color of purple gloves, and a scarf. A most spectacular scarf. If there is ever a moment that I personally identify with Donna it's now. She is standing on the hill explaining how she knows what she wants and is out looking but it seems like she will never reach her dreams. And she is wearing a scarf!!!

I will have a Dr Who scarf and not a TB one that people will know a mile away. This one wouldn't be spotted even by the people in the know. And the best part? Nobody has knitted it! Ok, I don't believe Nobody has knitted it but a quick search on Google and a detailed search on Rav (more than a million knitters) and I can't find a one. That's enough for me.

It's crazy long and a vibrant color of deep blue turquoise. It has good drape and flow with a bit of texture. For the longest time I thought a waffle stitch.

This is the screen showing it's just huge yarn. The texture is huge knit stitches.

Now the problem. I'm only using stash yarn.
My stash cupboard. That yarn is a little too light.

This yarn is just the right color and I have a lot of it and it's thick. However, I can't wear mohair around my neck. I just can't. I also can't knit a crazy long Donna scarf and not wear it.

But I do have this yarn. I'm supposed to knit jammie bottoms out of it to go with my sleeping sweater but I maybe don't have enough. I bought all the store had and it still might be 2 balls short. Because of that I haven't cast on yet. It is super soft and a nice Turquoise Green.

In the sunshine much more Turquoise blue. It's sport weight not extra bulky so I'll have to double it. It's also not as much yarn as I would have chosen but I'll knit until it's gone and that's how long the scarf will be.
I also pulled out my purple yarns. The one on the right is the exact color of her gloves. The one on the left I actually bought for gloves... last year... the year before... Long before the DVDs. This whole project is just meant to be.

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