Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ten Stitch Pillow

When I bought my futon I did not get the futon cover. So I've been knitting pillow covers for the pillows. 1.5 down 3.5 to go. When I was searching for ideas I found the Ten Stitch Blanket buried deep down in my favorited patterns. It looked promising and I had been gifted 2.5 balls of Noro for my birthday so I decided to give it a go.

I just finished it. I loved knitting this! Every stitch was a joy. The whole time I was knitting this I was plotting ways to knit it blanket sized.

I've never wanted to knit a blanket. They seemed large and boring. But with this I was burning to make it. I was stalking website for discounted Noro, stalking websites for less expensive yarn options, plotting ways to buy one ball a month at the local store. That seemed doable. Except they don't reorder the same colors. Once they sell out completely new colors comes in. I spent hours looking over weeks but really knew buying a blanket wasn't going to be an option anytime soon and it's unlikely buying a blanket of Noro will ever be an option.

Was I all adult like and shelve the idea and move onto practical things? No. I've resorted to trickery. I've promised myself a blanket of yarn at the Webs sale in April for my birthday. One of the other striping yarns if one I like is available and Noro if they aren't. The part of me that granted permission hopes that by April I'll have forgotten the blanket and moved onto new and shiny things.

I decided all of this before doing the stash evaluation but I haven't taken it back either. I really want to knit this blanket. By saying I could have it, but later, was the only way I could sleep at night. It had taken over my brain.


Lynn said...

You might want to look at Gina or Boku They are both by Plymouth, but dyed in a similar way to Noro.

needlefingers said...

You know, you could totally make a blanket out of those blocks, all in different colors as you're able to collect some. Dye lot, schmye lot.