Saturday, May 26, 2007

Using The Stash

After all of that finishing I decided to do some starting. Yes, I have plenty more projects I could be finishing but we will ignore that for the moment. While I have the urge to start new projects in general I’m not inspired by anything in particular. So I went to my stash to use up some materials that were taking up space. You know the ones, yarn or fibers that are too nice to get rid of but aren’t exciting to use. I’m sure I’ll toss these projects aside as soon as something exciting comes along but until then they will keep my hands busy and I can feel virtuous for using them up.
The Fixation is for some socks I need to knit. Because they are expected and soon too, I have no urge to actually knit them. But in pulling out the fixation I see once again that the picnic basket I use to store my sock yarn is ready to explode. To relive a bit of pressure I pulled out two skeins of Knit Picks Merino Landscape (now called Memories) sock yarn in the color way Cape Cod. I’ve never much cared for those colors and only bought them because they were on sale at a guild meeting. I am a sucker for sale yarn.

The thought was to knit mittens or maybe gloves. I cast on 60 stitches on size 1 needles. Part way into the ribbing I decided that I might prefer arm warmers. I’ve been thinking about arm warmers for a while now. I had thought to knit them out of machine washable yarn but really, how often would I be washing arm warmers anyway.

Then for the spinning wheel I picked up a basket of wool that had been shredded by Joey then matted down by Sumi-e. I dyed it a few years ago and in its disrupted state it was still too nice to get rid of but no longer inspiring.

I am pleased with how well it is spinning. I’m thinking of leaving it as singles until I have a plan for it. If I want to knit it I can ply it later or if I decide to weave with it I can use it as a single.

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