Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Flowers For Me

Look what I found in front of my door yesterday. I’ve never had flowers delivered to me before. They are from Mo, the woman I’ve been teaching to knit. Yes flowers from Canada. Ok, so the flowers themselves didn’t make the trip from Canada but the thought did. Isn’t she sweet?

Let us look some more.

Mo had a Knitter for a mom and wished many times that she could knit too but had it in her mind that it was too hard. I sent her fingerless mitts when she was having some tough times. She says those mitts inspired her to really get knitting, that and she started working at a living history museum where knitting became part of her job. I think it’s the museum that did it but it’s nice of her to think it was my mitts.

One day she showed our online group the back of a sweater she was knitting. She had some wonderful yarn from walmart and was using a pamphlet she bought there to teach herself how to knit a sweater. It was mighty fine knitting but I knew where that was going based on what I have seen of those pamphlets. I gently asked her is she knew what gauge was and had she measured the size of the sweater. As expected, the sweater had no relation to any size she had hopped for, so we started knitting baby sweaters together. A few baby sweaters, a few good books, my finding a real yarn store in her area, just a few months later, and now she is knitting lace shawls.

My Weekend Sweater is coming along. Already I’m worried about having enough yarn. It seems that I have no idea how much bulky handspun is needed to make a sweater. But look at how charming the variegation is turning out.

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