Thursday, May 17, 2007

Baby Legs

Last night at the KC Fiber Guild Work Night I finished a pair of Baby Legs.

Traditionally Baby Legs are a strait tube but the baby to get these is 8 inches bigger at the top of his legs than his ankles. Because of that I felt that I had to shape them. So the parents can put them on right, I worked in a cute little pattern around the top. I used Cascade Fixtation so the lycra content would help hold them up. This yarn was fun to knit, all stretchy and bouncy and very soft.

I also knit some pirate socks. The pink and chocolate yarn is Fly Dyed that I picked up at Stitches last year. I love that yarn. These socks were traded for soaping oils. A good trade but now I’ll have to buy some more of the yarn so I can have a pair of socks made from them. It was very, very hard to send those socks to their new home.

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