Friday, March 20, 2009

Christmas Sweaters

First, I turned my heat off two days ago. Someone at knitting asked if I was going to and I was unconvinced. This semester has been tough and I didn't really feel like being cold too. But it was a short walk over to the heater so I did it. It's off until the first day of summer or until my apartment reaches 93F. 93 is when it turns from warm to hot.

So I promised Christmas sweaters photos. 2008's theme was Native American in remembrance of a trip to the Grand Canyon. Also 4 of the 5 kids claim native American bloodlines. Never mind that they all look more Irish than Indian. Since I only knit for the 5 and under crowd this was the last year for 2 of the kids and I wanted to make it good.

For the one girl of the bunch.

She loves horses so I duplicated stitched an Indian Pony onto a doeskin tunic inspired sweater. Perfect for any Indian Princess.

Her brother received this little sweater.

The zig zag arrows are a Native American symbol for lightning I think suited for a toddlers energy.

The hand is a common theme in all primitive art. It represents the hand of the maker and I think ownership too. The hand covered all the rock art rocks I saw on my trip.

This sweater also has rock art embroidered on it. But more than that, this sweater represents the painted desert. The Thunder Bird is taken right from the photos I took of newspaper rock. The colors and stripes are for the brightly colored stripped hills of the badlands and the painted desert we saw that day.

This Indian Brave is the same age at the Indian Princess and he too got clothing inspired sweater.

The shape is reminiscent of a buckskin tunic. The triangle designs taken from the beading.

All of the sweaters are knit out of Berroco Comfort. The yarn is very soft and gets softer with washing. However it was very splity to knit so I don't think I will use it again.

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