Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's Spring

Spring socks that I have been working on forever are almost done. Those are leaves in the lace, they really are.

Spring socks that are done. Knit Picks Imagination sock yarn in Pixie Dust the pattern is Synesthesia Socks. Modified just a little to make the socks smaller. I took out one purl stitch in each pattern repeat so I could cast on 64 instead of 68.

It maybe a week until spring and my plants are ready now. Many are showing their excitement by blooming.

Sweet Potato plant ready to bloom.

Margarium looking sick from the lack of sun. She's not just wishing for spring but wishing for summer.
Streptocarpus in bloom. Look at her go.
Snapdragon in bloom. The snapdragons went to seed last summer and there she is. Sprouted in Jan with all of her siblings. All the others are still 1/4" sprouts but she is a blooming plant.
Sage and Mint. Not in bloom but still alive. Go me. No black thumb this year.
Rosemary in bloom. They are supposed to bloom in the fall and she did. Does she think it's fall again? Whatever. I'm glad she is still alive. I can keep rosemary alive until Feb and then they keel over. Not this year. The secret is in the pot. Rosemary need a very deep pot. I didn't know that before. Please, Please, don't keel over now. You can go back outside in a month.

Petunias also sprouted in Jan from last summer's seed. Sharing a pot with some Lemon Thyme. Look at them go.
Oregano is my favorite plant. It's impossible to kill. Cute as a cockroach she is. Look at how lush and green. All of those tiny new leaves are so cute.
Lavender. I'm on a roll. She hasn't grown at all. It's like she is holding her breath until winter is over but she is still alive. I'm a known Lavender killer so this is huge.
Geranium. Such big happy blooms on such a sickly plant. But Geraniums are tough. Almost as tough as oregano. She will perk right up when she can get full sun outside. The healthy greenery in the photo is Snapdragon. Geranium has the one leaf that is peeking out and about 2 more that can't be seen. She is a trouper.

All of them are counting the days until they can get full sun again. I have been starving them behind window glass all winter. Except the Streptocarpus she likes the shade and I think the AC too. She will stay inside. The rest are dieing to get outdoors again. Notice none of them are house plants. They have fought tooth and nail, or root and leaf, to stay alive inside and under my black thumb care too. I am proud of them.

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