Sunday, March 22, 2009

Swap Yarn

I did a little yarn swap at knitting. This opportunity came up the day that I was going to post that I only had 20 more projects to go until my goal of half of my stash was knit. The offer was fantastic and at no cost to me so I just changed the number from 20 to 25 when I wrote the post. Then after posting a very nice email hit my inbox about a big sale and didn't I want to buy a few dozen sweaters worth of yarn?

I have spent a week trying to find ways to buy that yarn. I think it a bit much when knitters hide their yarn purchases from their partners. There is no need to rub their faces into it but strait out lying doesn't seem good either. So I can't buy it and just not say. But could I send a very big box to a friends house and not pick it up until my goal was met? Or could I knit like crazy, flunking out of my classes, and be finished before the yarn I wanted was sold out? With this thought I realized that the universe was having a big laugh at my expense and I had hit a new level of crazy. So as sad as it is no sale yarn for me.

Back to the swap. I am swapping knitting for yarn. This is the yarn I am to knit. A pair of socks and a baby sweater. The swap was suposed to be just for the socks. But since I was going to be turning the other yarn into a baby sweater anyway and I had no babys to give it too and she had just had a grand baby that week. Well it seemed right.

This is the yarn I knit.

This is the yarn I get to keep. I love the glitter in the Fortissima Disco. OnLine sock yarn in bright colors. And a DK weight yarn that maybe superwash. The lable is missing but it is a fancy hand dyed.
Baby sweater on it's way.

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