Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Count Down

I need to knit 25 projects to hit 50% of my stash. This morning it was 20 but I worked out a trade. I'll tell more about that later. Anyway, It's time to start my count down.#1 socks. Online sock yarn bought at The Studio last spring. Knitted as a gift. Cast on 60 stitches onto 000 needles. A bit of 2/2 ribbing goes down the leg and foot for a better fit. #2 Child's Bolero. Pattern from Knitting Pure and Simple. I added short rows to the back of the collar for a better fold. I used the leftover balls of Berroco Comfort from the Christmas Sweaters. Oh, that's right, they are done and I haven't posted photos. I'll get them next time.
I love this button and I got it from my button jar. As a child I loved my Grandma's button jar and I still do. She has a large jar.

This one is mine. It's so tiny.

Even so, it had just the right buttons in it. A fantastic sweater done, all made by using up what I already have. Priceless.

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