Monday, March 09, 2009

The Best Book Signing Evahhhh

This last Friday Perri Klass had a book signing at The Studio. I canceled my plans and went. It was fantastic. I took sock knitting because I knew that the finishing I normally do at their table would be too big and unwieldy for a book signing.

I used the time for a pair of gift socks that I had been avoiding. While Perri read to us I cast on the cuff, knit it, pulled it out and started over again, knit the cuff a second time, knit the leg, and the heel. Fat sock yarn knits up very fast. I find it terrifying. That was $10 of sock yarn knitted in just a few hours. I like my sock yarn money to last. I can't be blowing through my yarn money like that. I just can't.

Socks Knit Out of Louet Gems Opal in a sage green on size 1 needles. Cast on 40. K1 P1 cuff. K3 P1 leg. Eye of The Partridge Heel. Neither photo is close to the right color.
And with those heavy weight gift socks I really need to knit a second pair of heavyweight socks. I have no other heavy weight washable wool in my stash. But that doesn't matter. My favorite way to knit thick socks is to hold 2 strands of thin sock yarn together.

I have these 2 balls in my stash. Both came from a sale bin back in 2006 from one of the yarn stores walking distance from work. They will work great for this project.

This is hands down my favorite sock yarn ever. I have only seen it in 2 stores in all of my years of yarn buying and the one time was the clearance bin. I have knitted 2 socks from it so far. I have this odd ball that is enough to make one sock, and I have pair of sock worth left in my stash. I hope that I find more some day.

This is why it is so great. Each ball comes with reinforcing thread to knit into the heels and toes. I love it. The Studio sells the reinforcing thread separately and I never bother to buy it. But it makes me happy to see it tucked into the ball band. I love it. Wait, I already said that.

Not so happy news. I finally got this mitten going after some starts and stops cause by my too tired brain not being able to read directions. Everything looked great, was going swimmingly even. But I forgot to put in the thumb. I have to pull out all the patterned area and do it over. I'm putting it into time out instead.

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