Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fixing My Knitting

Laundry day was not a happy day this week. Look what I pulled out of the washer. Koigu socks only 3 years old. They must have had a run in with a zipper. When I first see the hole I think they aren't worth saving but I look the sock over and see that the foot of the sock is still in good shape with little wear on the heel and toe.

I go get my bag with the leftovers of every sock I have ever knit.I find the yarn. Wow, was the sock that bright when I knit it? Shame on me for using stain lifting detergent on hand dyed sock yarn. Still, I'm not going to stop.Picking up the stitches was easier than I thought it would be. It turns out that the yarn broke cleanly at one stitch.
The repair is invisible except that one purl bump I made. And the color match is good too, maybe the socks weren't that bright when knit after all. Grafting a damp sock wasn't a nice time. Still ,I wasn't sure I would have gotten back to it if I had left it long enough to dry. And done is done. I'm expecting several more years out of this sock now.

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