Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Snow

This is all the yarn that is left from the 2 balls. A closeup of the fabric.

#6 finished. Ribbed socks knit on size #1 needles holding 2 yarns together. To be a gift.

This morning the rain, ice, and snow storm was over and I woke up to this.

Pear trees covered in ice and snow. The white snow on the white blossoms is very pretty.

It never got very cold in here so we didn't get the snow amount forecasted. But because of that my apartment didn't fall below 59F and I was able to keep the heat off. The sun is out today and my place is toasty again.
#7 and 8. Ok, so I forgot to take photos of finished #7. It's the top down raglan that I showed last time. It's finished and sent on to it's new home. Size 12 months. This, #8, I knitted out of the leftovers. Top down circle yoke sized newborn. Yarn Lorna's Laces worsted weight yarn knit on #3 for a dense fabric. It's machine washable merino but I think the dense fabric helps it wear and wash better.

#9 mittens. I'm running out of yarn and will have to make choices. Anyway, it's hand spun yarn from fiber I dyed. Leftovers from knitting a hat, now lost. I'm thinking that all the joy I'm going to get from this yarn has been gathered and it's time to just let it go.

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