Sunday, February 21, 2010

As Big As Feathers

Snow started falling from the sky. I have never seen such huge flakes. They are as big as goose down feathers. Bigger.
Snow this big must be played in, ran through, with lots of jumping and twirling. It must.
See the huge flakes?
They melt instantly in warm hands
but stick for a moment on the hood of the car.

A blast from the past. I finished this little number up right before Iron Knitter and only now have photos.

Joey in a hood and hat combination. He looks cozy. The yarn is Lush and I love it. It's so soft with lots of drape and the angora halo is so cuddly and warm. It mats and felts lightly with just a little handling which holds the angora in so no real shedding. The cowl pattern is Cabled Feather Cowl and the hat is For Joana I modified both for fit since Lush has no relationship to the yarn in either pattern. I have a good bit left from my 3rd ball and will be knitting that up soon. It's too pretty not too.

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