Sunday, February 14, 2010

Loving VD

My secret pal sent me a very nice valentine box. The VD swap this year is extra nice.

Even Sumi-e rushes to see what is inside. We all love a good SP box.Some Lime & Violet superwash/bamboo yarn. The way I know about Lime & Violet is that my favorite pod cast Stash and Burn gush, just gush, about them and their pod cast. As soon as I make it through the Stash and Burn archives I'm headed over there for a listen. The yarn is fantastic, a pretty spring time blend of peach, pink, and white. I can't wait to knit it into socks. And getting some Lime & Violet yarn makes me feel like I'm touching celebrity.

Along with that there was 3 balls of Knit Picks Andean Silk which was just right to knit the slouchy hat pattern that my SP had sent me earlier in the week. It's possible that I cast on before the box was empty.

And tucked into the corner of that photo is a nice big bag of coffee beans. I pulled out my grinder and brewed a fresh and fantastic cup. But that's not all.Two fancy chocolate bars so big and so rich that even now, almost 3 days later, they aren't all gone.
A blank book for my knitting notes. Note the yarn spelling out the word stitches.
Pretty nail files for my knitting bags. Nothing worse than when a rough nail starts getting caught in yarn. The yarn just isn't the same after a snag. They are also handy for filing the cord of circular needles after a cat chews on them. Someone is very lucky he wasn't turned into a pair of fur mittens.
And if all that wasn't enough, clear at the bottom of the box is a book on Shetland Lace.
What a great book with so many nice projects. Thank you Christina what a fantastic, thoughtful, incredibly generous gift.Remember the slouchy hat that I may have cast on while opening the chocolate? Here it is. Summer Rose knit in Andean Silk the color is Barn Red. It took every bit of 2 balls. Since I had the 3rd ball left I used the cables from that pattern to knit a matching cowl.The only thing harder than getting a cat to pose in a cowl for a photo shoot is to tell him the light isn't good and we have to do it over in a new location.A close up of how the silk glows in the cables and the alpaca makes it the warmest winter set ever. Thank you Christina!

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