Friday, February 05, 2010

Out of Gas

I try not to complain and I think too much has been seeping out lately, but I will say that I am completely drained from work everyday when I get home. I think I cover that well in public but I just am. I tried casting on again last night and it just didn't work out. I've finished my chores for the day and will try again. Or I'll go to bed. Or, and this is the most likely, I'll sit on the couch and stare at the ceiling thinking about casting on or going to bed.

The snow this morning looked like magic. Big furry flakes covered the ground in just seconds and made great big heaps on my car between the time I first walked Joey and left for work, about 45 min. Then I had to drive to work in white out conditions. That wasn't so fun and involved my sliding onto the shoulder as I made the turn onto the ramp off of an overpass. Nothing very scary but a nice reminder of how very light my car is.

And that's a reminder of something that was very scary. Last Friday it snowed all day too. On the way home from work, in not quite the white out conditions of this morning, a car on my right applied their brakes and instead of stopping started to slide right into me. I gently applied my breaks and while I didn't slide I didn't slow down either. I made a quick and controlled merge to the left but without being able to look. The traffic was rather heavy so at that point I just knew that this was the beginning of a 40 car pile up. Thankfully, miraculously, in this very heavy traffic there happened to be plenty of room for my car right that second. Once I was safely over the traffic surged in around me again and once again I was boxed in. But when it mattered I wasn't.

It wasn't for another 8 miles that the traffic thinned enough that people started to slow down to a crawl. I'm still not sure why the heaver the traffic on bad roads the faster it flows. I suppose it's because the sane people are swept along with the crazies.

Proof that there was some sun between the snow storms.

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