Friday, February 19, 2010

Wipe Out

Iron Knitter moved onto round 3 without me. While I'm sad not to be sill be competing it is nice to knit on whatever I want at night. The complicated lace pattern was my downfall.
It's 37 stitches wide and 36 rows tall. Because I couldn't memorize it and I had to watch each stitch on the pattern grid. 10 rows a night was all I wanted to handle after getting home from work all bleary and tired.

They remind me of the Zonki socks I just finished. A nice pattern but one that I want to stretch out over a year instead of cramming into a week or two. Of course the pattern for Iron Knitter round 3 is a cute little stranded knitting pattern. Stranded knitting patterns just fly off my needles.

My Knit Picks order came with 2 new sets of size 0 needles and some nice Stroll Tweed sock yarn. I do love tweed yarn.

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