Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ten Dollar a Day Habit

Cabled Rangoli Hat, what a great pattern. Look at the cool flower drawn out in cables.

It's knit out of an even greater yarn, Rowan Pure Wool Dk. There is a reason I don't knit with Rowan. I love it too much. This yarn is so smooshy, so springy, and it's plies don't split. It's a nice plain wool that is so much better than other plain wool yarns. It flows through the hands and clings to the points of the needles just right. The spring and rebound and memory of this yarn it's hard to believe it's spun out of wool and not the softest of elastic. Cables look chiseled with no blurring of the edges and plain stockinette is so pretty.

I love it so much I knit the first ball worth of this hat in a short afternoon and part of the second ball that evening. I could easily knit just this yarn I just can't support a $10 a day habit. I did stretch the knitting of second ball out over the next 3 days.

Tams and other floppy hats are supposed to be blocked over a plate. I wanted this hat to be bigger than the pattern as written and I succeeded. This hat dwarfs my dinner plate.

I had 2 balls of Pure Wool DK in my stash and this hat was a race to the finish. Would the yarn run out before the knitting ? I was sweating it but I ended up with a nice little ball left over. In making my linkity-links I noticed that this yarn is superwash so I think I'll hunt down some more colors to use with my leftovers for a baby sweater.Joey pleads with me to let him retire from the floppy hat molding. He doesn't like it one bit. I do, and I finally have a winter hat that looks good with my winter coat.

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