Tuesday, October 05, 2010


September I knit 10 projects using 3788 yds of yarn. That is a crazy amount and I need to take the time to document it.

Labor day weekend I knit 2 hats. This is one of those times I look at my ample stash and I have No Yarn! I have over 40 balls of sock yarn on hand and not a single one was right for this project. Finally, I chose a ball that I have been saving for years to knit a pair of toe up knee high socks. Sorry, knee high socks. Maybe I'll find a different yarn to knit you in.
Sockhead Hat knit from a 100g ball of Opal yarn. It took 4 solid days to knit and my hands ached at the end. I knit in the car, I knit at a BBQ, I knit at work, I knit at home, I knit while watching TV, I knit outside. I knit and I knitted.
And after all that how could I not put in on the cat?

The hat took a lot of yarn but not the whole 100g skein. So with great hope I pulled out the yarn I had wanted to use in the first place, a single 50g skein of Jojoland Melody

And while I cast on for this hat on Sunday and bound off the last stitch on Monday 36 hours later (and how my hands ache after that) this hat wasn't the joy to knit of the other one. I actually knit it so fast since I knew if I set it down I would never pick it up again.

First, I am very tired of knitting this color. I look great wearing it but this is my 5th project this year and I'm bored of it. Second, the bounce of the Jojoland was hard to control. It lively and springy and kept jumping off the needles.
I modified the pattern for this one. I cast on 132 for the ribbing and increased on my first round of knits.

I ran out of yarn while doing the 4th round of decreases. I thought about ripping back and starting the decreases 4 rounds sooner. I just pulled the yarn through all the live stitches instead. It left a hole that I sewed shut with the last bit of tail.
It gives the hat a gathered top that I like.

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