Thursday, January 03, 2013


It's time to post the New Year Sweaters. I'm way behind and never put up photos for 2012.

Every year I pick a nationality and knit a theme sweater. 2012 was Australia and Rugby. The children 5 and under get a sweater. The kids 6 and older get a book about the subject. 

It turn out that finding books on the themes is very hard and gets harder each year.

2013 the theme is Russia.  I pick out the theme and patterns years in advance.

 The Russian old man vest complete with pockets.

Everything was as planned.

 The Russian denim field hand shirt.

With Indian Head Nickle buttons. A bit off track there.

He doesn't seem to mind.

And the Russian Hoddie?

Yeah, at this point I had given up completely on the theme because of lack of time. Nobody seems to notice or care.

It also got me off the hook with the books. Instead of hunting down stories of Baba Yaga, Anastasia, and The Endless Steppe. I went to the used book store and picked out a whole bunch of books from my childhood and let each kid pick out four. Not only did no one care, they seemed to like it better.

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