Wednesday, January 09, 2013


I have an owl.

Rather, I should say my building has an owl. When he is out everyone is taking photos and gawking. And on an owl sighting day, when we run into each other on the walk, we ask "Did you see the Owl this morning?".

I noted the heart shaped face and I've watched the falcon show at the Renaissance Festival every year and I know the heart shaped face is a Barn Owl. Except this is not a Barn Owl.It looks nothing like a Barn Owl. The shape is wrong, the size is wrong, the color is wrong. I dug deep into the internet- Ok I looked at List of birds of Kansas on wikipedia

and I have a Barred Owl

He's not here every day. He's not even here every week but he's here often enough and he is staying here through the seasons. I've seen him every time of day too. Flying at night and perching all day long.

He's not the only wildlife outside my door. I already mentioned the Blue Hereon fishing at dawn. And there is the possum that crashes through the underbrush making more noise than a person walking. The fat squirrels are always frolicking in the trees and bounding on the rocks in the steam. I say frolicking they are probably running the other squirrel off their turf in fierce battle but I think they are cute. Some feral cats and kittens are always around too and the rabbit tracks are thick in the snow even if I rarely see a rabbit.

I've seen a saucy coyote trotting down the walk and a mink slipping into the water. That one was a start. A mink. Who would have thought?
Although, at the bottom of the wiki page it says Barred owls eat, among other things, rats, squirrels, rabbits, bats, moles, opossums, cats, and mink. I guess I shouldn't be surprised after all.

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