Saturday, January 05, 2013


I great BIG Thank you to MDQuilter!

She sent the most wonderful, amazing, over-the-top Winter Madness swap box EVER!
Inside the box was a lovely card, yummy noms, and another box. It’s a beautiful decorative storage box with a Victorian Paris montage. I love it!

I also Love the dark chocolate. One with Caramel and one with Almonds and Sea Salt. They are so very tasty! I’m eating the sea salt ones now. They are a wonderful combination of bitter and salty and dark chocolate richness that a single- well, ok, two- squares are satisfying. The caramel ones I maybe snarfed in one sitting. Don’t judge me.

Inside the box lots and lots of pressies! The very first one I opened had me Squeeeeeeing with delight. 

Do you see that! DO YOU! MDQuilter made me a project bag!!! I don’t think you really saw it. Here look closer.
The Scarf! Nine! Screwdrivers! Sonic ones! Lots of them!
Now if you scroll back up you can see the TARDIS full of yarn button. That’s brilliant. I wish my yarn storage was bigger on the inside.

I was so excited that the next package sort of exploded when I opened it. I had to scramble around to find everything, like a big knitting pinata.
First was the sparkly blue stitch markers made by MDQuilter’s friend and mine, darwinkity. They are little TARDIS and so pretty.

Then the buttons. I sighed out loud when I saw them. So pretty. I love buttons. These are perfect.

Adorable Bob measuring tape. He has such fat, pinchable, cheeks. hot cocoa ! I’m saving it first the first snow and that might be tonight.

Chibi needles. The oh so handy safety pin markers. I can never get enough of those. Cable needle. Pompon maker.
I take the cable needle and pompon maker out of their packages right away so I can fiddle with them, and see how they work, while I ponder what pattern is in my queue that had buttons, cables, and pompons.
The next package is needles. Sure, some people got Signature needles but they don’t even compare to my beloved Clover size 3 (3.25mm). I love these needles so very much! They have that velvet feel of brand new Clovers. It wears off about 3 projects in so I savor it when I can. These are so very perfect. Thank you.

And the yarn. I love yarn. I forgot and wound a ball and cast on while waiting for the camera to load. It’s that perfect.

Finally the project that needs buttons, cables and pompons. Shake the Barley Fingerless Gloves and Shake the Barley Hat she gifted me the patterns too.

And I can’t forget I was also sent a Date Pinwheel recipe. Just like Grandma’s but wheat free. I can’t wait to make them!

Everything is wonderful and I love it all so much. Thank you.

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