Friday, January 04, 2013


It's that time of year again with cold short days. This is when I start feeling down and while it peeks in March it doesn't go completely away until July. I really crave light. This apartment is lacking in natural light so I've made my own.

After the success of my Fairy garden I've added another little garden with it's own set of bright lights. I'm completely smitten with my desert garden.

Tiny plants to add to the original Fairy Garden. They are just too adorable. With a woodland garden and a desert garden I'm thinking someday having a 3rd as a rainforest garden or maybe a bog garden.

I'm always showing thank you post of the swaps I'm in but I rarely post photos of the things I make and send out. This one shouldn't be missed. Made for the Shakespeare swap and mailed to England because I wanted the package to be wonderful but as light as possible.

The pattern is Dance of Pearls and I knit it holding 2 strands of yarn together. One of black cashmere and the other Skaska Designs because I thought each cobweb weight yarn too delicate to stand up to beading on their own. The pattern is wonderful and I hope to knit it again. 

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