Thursday, November 07, 2013

Keep on Flying

My first pair of mitts with fingers knit out of Silky Wool help double. Jayne inspired for the Joss swap.

I started out using the Wabi pattern but my gauge was off . Also, I don't have a printer and I wanted to knit them while lying on the couch, not sitting in front of my computer.

Most patterns I read through at the computer, put a few numbers on a post-it note, then knit it from memory. That wasn't going to happen with fingered mitts so I used my copy of Ann Budd's  The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns because I could lay it next to me.

While I know that "lying on the couch" is correct and to say I knit them while "laying on the couch" is not, I much prefer how laying sounds. It sounds lazy laying around all day.

Check in on the dog dish. I found it! It was under the water dish. I do pick up the water dish to fill it with water and I just put it back in the wrong spot. I'm rather relived to have found such a mundane explanation.

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