Monday, November 18, 2013

Sugar Covered Weekend

I had a nice full weekend. Saturday was eating out with friends at a Korean restaurant. Playing boardgames after at my place while eating mystery snack food from the Asian market. It's was decided that Korean snacks are the best and the ones from Japan... well, we didn't like those as much. It boiled down to the Korean snacks were sugar coated, even the potato chips, while the Japaneses snakes were lacking in sugar, even the candy. We do have our proprieties strait.

Sunday was with more friends and more boardgames. The highlight was both sets of friends pulled out Pandemic. It's no secret that it my favorite game. I only get to play it a few times a year so twice in one weekend is pretty great.

Another noteworthy incident of this weekend is I had to turn on my AC and run it on Saturday and Sunday. In November. In mid November. Isn't it supposed to be cold about now? My top floor apartment is naturally very warm but this is ridiculous.

A hat I finished for if it ever gets cold. Pillsbury by Erin B of the Doubleknit Podcast.  They have a new episode up that I'm going to listen to as soon as I'm done here.

The yarn is Malabrigo Silky Merino that I was gifted in a swap. The yarn and pattern are perfect for each other. The only modification I made is a folded brim. The Silky Merino didn't have much heft or memory to it and I was concerned that it wouldn't be strong enough to hold the hat onto a head. The double brim will be warmer and has the heft I'm looking for.

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