Monday, November 11, 2013

Vanity Sizing

My swim suit is a pair of men's trucks and a bikini top. Not very hip and less so since camping with family this summer all the plastic bits of the top broke and it's now held together with twine. Not really gym worthy but I figured I would make do. I did give it a test run at home and it turns out the trunks no longer fit. As in I can't get them up over my hips no longer fit.

I have a back up suit that I never liked. It has a plunging neckline kept a little more modest by a ruffle. Not a suit I particularly wanted to be seen but I gave it a test run in front of the mirror too. The plunging neckline was a real issue and would not stay in place. Seeing as how I don't want to flash whole world I would have to buy a new suit if I wanted to swim.

The only possible place to buy a suit in November would be a sporting goods store. While working the weekly overtime, I was having coworkers use their phone to look things up since there was no way I was going to type any variation of Dick's into my browser. I found it amusing that everyone was so willing to do it too. I was perhaps more demanding than asking and the requests were rather off the wall.

It turns out that suit shopping in November is the very best time to go. With only twelve different styles to choose from the picking out is easier and there is one of every size in stock. Also, there isn't a single plunging neckline or ruffle in sight.

This beauty is two layers of extra thick Lycra with high cut top and low cut legs. It's the first suit I've ever owned that I feel dressed in. The Lycra straps everything into place so there is not a bit of me that jiggles much less pops out. The whole thing is sleek like a dolphin and made for swimming and yet it much more attractive than all the bathing suits that come out every summer. In it I'm more attractive than I've been in a suit even though I'm inches bigger.

And that's another thing about this suit. It hasn't fallen to vanity sizing. This spring I bought new jeans for work because my size 8 were becoming too small. I was upset that I wasn't buying size 10. No. I was fitting into the size 6. The 6s fit so well that by lunch when they have sproinged out of shape I can pull them on and off without undoing them and I wonder if I would be better in a size 4.

I figured that all the jeans I bought this spring were a fluke and I started my fitting with an 8, then a 10 and finally I bought the 12. I'm now up to the same weight I was in 1991 and I was a size 12 then too so it is actually a relief to be buying a 12 now. Since I have a tendency to buy too large, once at home I checked out the sizing chart for the suit and the 12 exactly matches my measurements. It's nice to have some consistency.

I've already given the pool a go and it's wonderful but I've found that I really need flip-flops. Now where will I be finding a pair of those in November...

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