Thursday, August 19, 2010


The Denim Silverbell has split for the sleeves and I'm knitting endlessly down the body. The Gaenor is still coming along at one repeat a day. I needed something fast with instant gratification.
I cast on another Thorpe. This time I'm making the solid colored version. I love everything about this pattern. I might make a third and use up the last of this yarn. It's so fast and I like to think that I'm knitting some of the heat of august into the hats for January.
The herb garden changes daily. Little black eggs hatched into tiny caterpillars. Within 48 hours the tiny caterpillars had demolished the dill and the fennel plant. That's when they moved to the parsley and I snapped the photo. They aren't so little anymore.
Just 24 hours later the parsley was gone too. There was a little munching on the sage and then they moved on and are gone, ignoring the basil and other herbs.

Next year instead of one dill plant there is talk of planting a package or two of dill.
Watching the butterflies is almost as fun as watching the caterpillars change and grow.

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Lupie said...

Love your photos they are beautiful!