Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Win Win

I went to the fair again. The knitting entries was way down this year. I feel a little responsible since I took in 12 entries last year, 5 of my own the rest for other people that didn't want to make the drive. This year I haven't been able to go to my groups so the fair sort of snuck up on me and I wasn't motivated to enter my own stuff.
I learned how milk is made.
An angry turkey.
Fewer bunnies this year too. None of them had a For Sale sign. That might be my favorite part of the fair is dreaming over the rabbits. This one wanted to come home with me. I can see it in her nose twitches.
Cutest pigeon ever.

So between my spreadsheet and discussing it on my favorite stash group I have learned that the yarn I buy because it's pretty or on sale or just because I fall in love is the yarn that I'm most likely to knit. The yarn I buy to knit a particular project only gets knit if I cast on within the week. After that it gets stale and moves to the bottom of my never ending list.

So at LYS Saturday while I was knitting and not buying yarn one of the new pattern booklets from Classic Elite came in, 9115 Magnolia. I feel for the cover pattern hard. I bought it even though I was sure I didn't have the right weight yarn in my stash that wasn't already linked to a pattern in my queue. I worried about the pattern going stale on me too. It's going to be a while before I buy yarn again.

When I got home I looked over my spreadsheet and then gave my stash a good tossing. I was reluctant to look through the yarn that was slated for projects but now knowing my knitting style I made myself look at old potential project yarn with new eyes.

I chose my Rowan Denim yarn, took a deep breath, and cast on right away. I got the same excitement of the buying yarn and starting a new pattern without the buying yarn part. If I still want to knit the pattern that this yarn was slated for I'll have to pick out and buy a new yarn making it all fresh again to. This is truly win win.

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Miss Peaches said...

it sound like such a smart system, I don't really have that big of a stash, but I want one. I do have a lot of silk though, maybe I should check out Ravelry to see if I could find some small things to knit with it..