Thursday, August 05, 2010

Running A Sweatshop in My Own Livingroom

The last of the projects I knitted in July
Thrope knitted out of Manos and Cascade Jewel each held double. The braids and tassels really make this hat.

The yarn is beautiful. I was able to get stitch gauge but not row gauge. I never do. Because of that I had to stop the pattern early and it's still longer than most hats.

My third pair of Thuja's this year. Yarn is Cascade 220 superwash. Men's size so much much too big on me.

Baby Hat from One Skein. I love that book. Because the lace pattern wasn't grafted this hat was harder than it should have been. The yarn is Minnow Merino and I found it a bit hard to knit with too. The fabric it makes is very plush but the knitting the whole hat was irritating. I'm glad it was a small project. However, now that I've knit it once it would be super easy next time.

And that is the last of the projects that I knit to reach my goal of knitting Half of My Stash. I was feeling all happy and complete when I went looking in this blog for a project I knit a while back. I had forgotten I reached this goal last August right before a yarn sale. A very nice yarn sale. Some of the yarn was 75% off yarn sale.

But so I don't have to knit a full year just because of one purchase I have set up a new rule. I can buy one project for every five I finish. That one project can't be more than half of the just knit yardage. I don't want a repeat of last year.

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Miss Peaches said...

found you on lesser known skeins.
looking forward to following your blog.