Thursday, August 12, 2010

One Step Forward Three Steps Back

Today I ripped back 3 days worth of knitting on my Denim Silverbell. The shoulders fit but just barely and the whole thing wasn't hanging right.

I like top down sweater because I can try them on as I go, but I find they make me lazy and I don't do the math before hand to make sure the changes I do on the fly are a good idea.

With this sweater I cast on for the size extra small, a very good idea. Then when the increases came along I fudged it so it was sort of small-mediumish. Yea, that worked about as well as small-mediumish implies. So I ripped back to the second set of increases and figured out so I now have a true medium with the same stitch count as the pattern again.

I want to finished something in August and since Silverbell isn't a sure thing I went to my basket and pulled out Gaenor.
I'm going to knit one repeat a day before I knit on anything else. With a little dedication it will be done before August is over.

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Miss Peaches said...

uh pretty purples! You just be glad it was small- mediumish and not XL-XXLish you had to rip back ; )