Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Knit Half The Stash

I did it! I knit half of my stash. I noticed I was close in June so July was my big push and I did it. That's why the blog was so silent.

I'm baking a chocolate flowerless tort for to take to work. I'm part of a 3 week training class and tomorrow is a food day to celibate before class winds up and we all move to working nights. I wish I was sleeping instead of cooking so I'm going to roll out the July knits slowly, starting with this

Emerald knit in my favorite yarn Beaverslide, the old discontinued 2 ply. Seriously, yarn makers should call me up and ask my permission before closing out a line of yarn. The world would just work better if I had more say in it.

I bought the very last batch of the 2 ply fisherman weight and there was only 4 skeins and I bought them all. Because I was nervous about running out of yarn I knit the sweater small to the point I had at least half a ball left over. It's a perfect fit as a sweater but this pattern makes a lovely jacket. I like the pattern so much I'm thinking about taking the pink Beaverslide I have from the furry cat/moth fiasco and knitting it all over again so I can have a jacket too.

Good. The torts done. Off to bed now. Good night.

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Lupie said...

I made this sweater for myself and just hated it but seeing your beautiful one I think the yarn I used was where I went wrong.