Monday, August 30, 2010

Globe Trotting

Thorpe the second is finished.

I also finished the socks I knit on my lunch breaks at work.I started a new pair of socks for knitting on my breaks. I love Fleece Artist yarn. Just looking at it makes me happy.

Last weekend was at the Ethnic Festival. I have a feeling that I'm not remembering it's real name. Ethnic Festival doesn't quite have the right, I don't know, the right PC ring to it.

Whatever the name the was food from around the world. I spent my day eating my way around the globe. I started in Pakistan with a mango drink and ended in Bolivia with Flan.
...that needed stamping.
Plenty of music and dancing too. The tambourine dance to entertain the men working in the fields.
The scarf dance...
Picking mushroom dance...
Moon dance. I want bells to wear on my ankles too.
Fan dance...
This was a very photogenic dance but hard to actually get a good shot.
Butterfly dance...

I love how they had their hair braided into antenna.

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